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The way I got involved with writing is through reading and the way I got involved with that is a unique and humurous story. When I was a student in primary school, a soccer ball hit me in the eye and from there on, I vowed not to venture into the field during recess. I began visiting the library, reading from great authors such as Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl. This made me truly interested in novels and stories that I too inspire to write my own. I based my first short story on Tron which was published by my school and was made fun by a lot of people due to its weird nature. Now, as a Polytechnic student, I after many years have wanted to continue writing as a side career due to my interest in novels of historical fiction and science fiction. With that, I hope to share with the word the tradition of literature that every one of age can take and share.
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